Top 6 Ways to get your Kids Active!

We all want what is best for our children, and nothing is more important than their health. In this day and age, keeping our children physically active can be hard, especially with all of the electronic gadgets around, they can often be glued to them for more that 4 hours a day!

As a proud dad, here are my top 5 ways to get our kids active!

  1. FUN, FUN, FUN! – This is the most important aspect of getting your child active. You need to find an activity that not only challenges your child but is FUN. Some of the best and easiest are things like bike riding, swimming and sports. Let’s take bike riding for example, I know I used to love it when I was a child, but nowadays the roads have become very dangerous , so it’s best to seek out those off road experiences. Close to us we have the excellent Hicks Lodge and not too far away is Cannock chase!
  1. Be a good role model! – This to me is very important, especially in the early ages. Remember habits are formed over periods of time, and our children learn from us predominately. If we’re lazy, the chances are our children will be! So, get yourself up off the sofa and show them how to do it! Why not enrol at Fitness Republic! My children love the gym and and are always asking to come down to our Fit Kids club or even our brand new Junior Spin! (Call us for more details on this)
  1. Make time for exercise. – Set aside some time in the day for some form of exercise that raises your child’s heart rate a little. It’s a bit like Homework. I’m sure we all say to our children that after school we need to do a little homework before tea, so why not do the same for exercise. There are so many benefits to exercise to mention, but one is that it helps you to focus more and perform better in all aspects of your life……and that includes homework!!
  1. Technology – The world is crawling with technology, so why not put it to some good use! From as little as £20 from Amazon you can get a great little Fitbit type of tracking watch (Letsfit Fitness Tracker) that my kids love! They love tracking their steps and seeing how far they go. It’s become a real competition with dad nowadays!! Also, there are some really good children’s fitness apps that, if they’re going to love the iPad, make sure they include this in their day! (Strava, a great app for tracking cycle rides)
  1. Days out – When planning holidays, or days out, why not visit places that your children can explore. We love going to national trust places, lots of great walking and running around. Why not a good camping trip or adventure holiday. Kids like nothing better than an open field to run about in and play games!
  1. Encouragement – I know when I was at school, I wasn’t much good at some things, but a positive approach from my parents and teachers made all the difference. The saying, it’s the taking part that counts is so true. Really support your child, lots of positivity and energy. It’s a really good life lesson for them too. Cause you really can do anything you want as long as you try and work hard!

So, praise you child for perfecting that handstand or figuring out how to do one of those crazy back bends! Remember Out-of-shape or uncoordinated children need to hear our encouragement for reaching even small goals, such as walking or biking further than last time. Remember, acknowledge the effort — choosing to be active or trying to improve a skill — rather than the outcome to help build your child’s confidence! Children who aren’t naturally athletic may be self-conscious about their physical skills (or lack of them). They may fear failure or embarrassment. These kids need all the support and praise you can give.