The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth!

This month’s blog see’s Fitness Republic’s Marcus White interview owner Simon Pellecchia on all aspects of health and fitness for YOU, plus a few cheeky personal questions! We’re going to get straight to the point, so some direct short sharp answers to get you thinking!

Ok Simon…let’s go!

Weights or cardio?Definitely Weights

Train early or late?Early, it gets you started for the day and I seem to be more productive after I’ve worked out.

Best rep range to get stronger?6 reps

Best fat burning method?Progressive weight training, it has a longer lasting effect on your body composition.

Best four calorie burning exercises?Thrusters, Burpees, Sled push and Push ups

How heavy do YOU weigh?85kg, around 13st 5lb

Reason you started FR?I wanted to create a place that would make everyone feel welcomed and comfortable. Also, a place that I would like to train at!

What’s your waist size?32 in

How many times a week do you train?4 times per week

Should I train my abs?Absolutely, leave no muscle untrained. Make sure you incorporate core training too, including lower back.

Do I need a personal trainer? – Depends. If you are new to exercise then I really recommend it, as learning how to train properly from the outset will save you time and increase the effectiveness of your sessions. A bit like learning to drive, get a good teacher and your chances of passing are greatly increased!

Key to success in changing shape?The right diet and exercise plan, then just be consistent.

Best piece of advice to a beginner?Get a personal coach for your initial sessions, as mentioned above it can be invaluable and the best investment you can make.

I’ve been going to the gym for ages but not getting results what should I do?Reassess your plan, your exercise selection and techniques. Then look seriously at your diet. It’s a major player in changing your body. Oh, and come and see us here at FR!

How often should I change my workout?This depends on your interest threshold. If you’re like me, then I get bored very easily, so I kind of change my workout every week! Realistically, as long as you’re progressing your workouts and challenging your muscles consistently, the same program will work very well. Change is great though, and keeps you interested.

What is your favourite thing about FR?The people. Our team and the members too! It’s like one big family here, I’ve made so many friends it’s amazing – It’s more than just a gym!

Best diet?The one you can stick to!

How old is the oldest person at FR? – I think at last check it was 75

At what age should my children start training? Children can be exercising from a young as 5. Obviously, what you do depends on your age, so at 5 it’s mainly fun things. Older children around 9-13 years can start a little formal exercise like cardio and light bodyweight. Our Junior spin classes are great for them. 14 years onward and you can join FR as a full member!

Ok, last few questions…

How long been married?12 years

Do you enjoy working with wife?Yes, definitely! Occasionally it can be hard but Sarah adds so much to FR that I wouldn’t change it for the world!

How long have you been consistently training? 34 years!!

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