jaqui foster fitness republic ashby team member

Jacqui Foster

What did you do before working at Fitness Republic?
I worked in a wedding dress shop, helping brides choose their dress for their big day. I also still work at my family’s DIY shop.

Why did you become a personal trainer?
Love of fitness! I really enjoy helping people smash their goals.

What aspect of your work do you enjoy most?
When someone says to me, “I’ve never been able to do this” (like a press up) and then a few sessions in they are doing it. That feels so good that I helped them get there.

It’s the weekend, how might you be spending your time?
Puddle jumping with my toddler, bouldering or studying – I always complain I’ve got too much to do and then as soon as I finish a qualification I’m like “ooh what shall I do next?”

What’s next for you?
While I’m already a women’s fitness specialist, I’m now going even deeper and training to be able to help people with medical conditions (diabetes, heart conditions etc) to exercise safely and after that, sports massage!

Favourite exercise
Clean and press!