Blanka Harvey of fitness republic gym standing proud with her hands on her hips smiling at the camera

Blanka Harvey

What did you do before working at Fitness Republic?

Until the age of 18 I was a professional ballroom dancer , competing and doing shows in my native Hungary. I then moved to England and started a career in hospitality, holding various management roles before returning to my roots of dance with my Zumba career.

Why did you become a Personal Trainer?

After experiencing the benefits of personal training for myself and how it is such a personal benefit. I wanted to help others achieve their goals for their fitness and lifestyle.

What aspect of work do you enjoy the most?

The friendly atmosphere, meeting and getting to know lots of the membeThe people! Seeing the difference that my work does to someone’s life and the way they feel about themselves is deeply rewarding. 4) it’s the weekend, how might you be spending your time?

It’s the weekend, how do you spend your time?

With two young children, I love nothing more than spending time with them. Feeding ducks at our local park, doing arts & crafts and, of course, plenty of kisses and cuddles!

Whats next for you?

To continue my fitness education and to grow within the industry. Helping others with the knowledge that I gain.

Favourite exercise?

I love cardio machines and running within my local area with my headphones on: it really helps me to “switch off” and get some “me” time!