I loved exercise from a very early age and started weight training at age 13. I also participated in all sports going too, from football to aikido.
I started as an instructor in my first gym when I was 19 but I never dreamt that one day I would own my own fitness club. My wife, Sarah has worked in leisure management with renowned companies for over 19 years so between our varied experience we wanted create a club that was free from pressure, incredibly relaxed to visit, very friendly and not intimidating to new exercisers, as we knew that it can be daunting at the best of times.


When we created Fitness Republic, we wanted to harness everything that keeping fit and healthy means to me. Apart from the obvious physical benefits of exercise, I love the very social aspect of exercising, making lots of new friends and also the mental benefits that keep me sane as my two young daughters keep things ‘challenging’!
At the same time, I love exercising so I also wanted to create a club that can cater for those who want to really ‘give it some’ and train hard using a multitude of exercises and techniques including free weights, plyometrics , supersets and pyramids.


I hope that you feel like I do when you walk in our club, completely at ease and it’s like a home from home.

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