Personal Training Questionnaire

Please complete the form below, we will use the information provided to personalise your training and nutrition plan.

  • We can lose weight gradually or rapidly if you’re desperate for a result, however the more we restrict calories the easier it is to put weight back on.

Exercise History


To get the results you want you must be committed to training and your diet, you cannot out train a bad diet, which is why we need to control all our variables.


So we can get a better understanding of where you are now with your nutrition, we would like you to complete a food diary over the next 7 days.  You can download and print a food diary template below. Thank you for completing this form, from your answers we can start to develop a personalised plan for you. The next stage in the process is to book in for a free consultation session where we can get to know you better and you can get to know us. From this session we will be able to assess any limitations or dislikes you have and be able to take the information to finalise your plan. One of the Fitness Republic coaches will give you a call to arrange a session. If you have any more questions in the meantime please call 01530 413330. See you soon Simon and the team.