Introducing the new trainerize app from Fitness Republic


What is the trainerize app?


Trainerize is the smartphone app that gives you the control over your workouts with the aid of a real life personal coach. Your personal coach will assign you your weekly workouts, monitor your progress, make adjustments and be on hand to answer any questions you might have all via the app.

What can you do with the trainerize app?

Dedicated coach in the palm of your hand

Customised workouts to maximise your progress

New workout plan every month

Video demonstrations of how to do each exercise in the app

Take progress pictures and add your measurements to the app, allowing your coach to monitor your progress

Schedule your workouts , progress pics and measurement days on the calendar, and check in on the app so your coach can monitor your activity and keep you accountable

Subscription £9.99 can be cancelled at any time. Payments are managed through paypal. No paypal account required.