What can you achieve in 8 weeks

Our 8 week plan is a goal focused workout and nutrition programme, specifically developed to get you results in just 8 weeks.


You will work with one of our top trainers, who will push you past your comfort zone and into the success zone.


Your workout programme will be designed to meet the individuals goals, taking into account your current fitness level and any limitations or injuries you may have.


Following our nutritional guide, you will be able to create a sustainable, enjoyable meal plan that will elevate your results to the next level, you will also receive a  meal plan, which will take all the thinking out of what you should be eating and when.

Included in the Plan

16 Personal Training Sessions ( worth £480 )- You will have 16 sessions with one of our top coaches, over the course of 8 weeks ( 2 per week). You have the option to increase the coaching sessions per week at an additional cost.


Nutrition Advice/ meal plan (worth £50 ) – Nutrition is the key to getting results fast, and with our guidance you will be on track to not only achieve your 8 week goal but you will have the knowledge to sustain a healthy nutritious lifestyle consistently.

To get you started on the road to success we will provide you with a meal plan designed around your bodies particular needs. you can follow it to the letter or use it as part of your nutrition guide to create your own tasty nutritious meal plan.


Open Gym and class Access ( worth £70 )– All participants of the 8 week plan get open access to use the gym at anytime. So you can come and have extra sessions on your own

you also get access to all our great classes, adding a class or 2 a week will accelerate your results and lets you meet others like minded people trying to improve themselves.


Composition tracking – Your progress will be tracked with the use of the latest body composition technology. This is where we can track your Bodyfat percentage, muscle mass, metabolic age and more. You will be able to see exactly where your improvements are being made and which areas we need to focus on.


Discounts available for gym members.


All this at a fraction of the price if bought individually.



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