What is Personal Trainer?

A personal Trainer is a qualified fitness couch who possesses the knowledge and ability to design a exercise programme suited to an individuals health and fitness goals.

Our coaches are much more than just personal trainers, that’s why we call ourselves coaches, we go the extra mile to get you results. Coaching you to success is a passion of ours, we know how good it feels to see our clients succeed. To see their confidence grow along with there increased fitness and decreased waist line.

Why hire a Personal Trainer/coach?

There are many benefits to having a personal coach with you in the gym, knowing that you have someone on your side helping you to achieve a better version of yourself gives you the confidence to know you can do it, they will give you the push you need on the days you really don’t feel like working out and always make sure you get the best out of your training sessions.

The Fitness Republic Personal Coaching difference

We will keep you accountable – All good personal trainers should keep you accountable. Ensuring you turn up and give it your all, every session.


We will educate you – During your personal training sessions we are constantly trying to impart our knowledge on you so when the time come for you to go it alone you will be confident in how to exercise correctly and safely.


We will help with your unique requirements – we know that everybody has different levels of fitness, flexibility, balance , strength, agility and motor skills. Many of our clients come to us with injuries and we have the knowledge and skills to work with them to continue training, rehabilitate and make consistent progress.


We will set realistic goals – We don’t make you false promises or sell you on un-achievable outcomes, we know how the body will react over a given time frame and we set goals accordingly, thus keeping you motivated.


We can train you for aspecific event– We have experience in training individuals for marathons, assault courses, body building competitions and triathlons. Whatever your event we can work with you to build success.


We will help you form good habits – Habits can make you or break you, In order to change you must change certain things you do daily. Most of the time we don’t even realise the habits we have that are having a detrimental effect on our bodies and mind.


We will customise your fitness plan – Everyone is an individual and we realise that your fitness plan should be customised to suit you and your personal abilities.


We can give nutritional advice – All our coaches have been educated in nutrition for fitness and sport, we also have a dedicated nutritionist on hand to answer questions or create a nutrition plan to compliment your training.


We work with a physiotherapist РAt our facility in Ashby de la Zouch we have an in house physiotherapist with over 20 years experience. Craig is on hand to help with any injuries or problems you may have have. Craig is also an active runner and performs running assessments  held at the gym. Al our coaches get a level of training from Craig that is suitable for gym use to help improve our clients abilities.


We will challenge you – What you think is achievable an where you think your limitations are, is just the beginning.