post natal exercise at fitness republic ashby de la zouch

Mums the word! post natal exercise

Being a mum is hard work right?!

I don’t think anyone can argue over that one.

When you are a busy mum, it is understandably even harder to see where exercise can fit in now you seemingly don’t have a moment to yourself!

After having a baby you might feel on top of the world and elated but also exhausted, emotional or isolated. You may be keen to get more active again or regain your pre pregnancy physique but have had additional complications and don’t know where to start with exercise again or know what’s safe and what isn’t.

When I had my children I think I experienced all these things at one time – including being overwhelmed by all the advice I got!

All new mums have different experiences, but one thing us mums can all agree on is that being a mummy means you need stacks of energy and that’s where my passion to help new mums get back into fitness safely after having a baby comes from.

Your body goes through a lot during pregnancy and birth, both physically and emotionally, and that is why it is important to get the right advice before thinking about getting active again after having a baby and not rushing into anything that may put you or your body under even more stress.

Did you know for example that certain hormones loosen and relax joints during pregnancy and these can remain with you for months after having a baby?

This means that simply resuming your pre pregnancy work outs or classes without gradual build up or the right progression after having a baby can substantially increase your risk of injury!

If you think about all the jobs you do day to day with your baby, not even relating to exercise, such as lifting them into their cot or into and out of a car or even just feeding them, it helps you see the importance of moving well in your post natal recovery and there are lots of way the correct exercises can help you.

Before getting back to exercise, it is really important to allow your body the recommended time to recover after having a baby and this can range between 6 and 12 weeks in most cases however, after being given medical clearance, there are HUGE benefits to getting active again after having a baby!

We all know that doing exercise can actually give you an energy boost and I don’t think there’s a mum out there who doesn’t want more of that right?

In addition, exercising during the post natal period can also help lift your mood and even more so if you can share experiences with other new mums, give each other support as well as having a laugh along the way!

It may be that you may feel more out of shape after having a baby or that you may be struggling with confidence so exercise can again be a fantastic way of giving you that confidence boost, helping you to safely and gradually regain your pre pregnancy physique and, if you have experienced common pregnancy complaints,  the correct exercise and guidance can actually help speed up your recovery!

So, if you have had a baby recently and want to start back on your fitness journey, why not come down to our supportive New Mummy Fit Group here at Fitness Republic where you can meet other new mums in the area, get active together in a social, friendly and informal class that can be adapted for your post natal needs with the added benefit of not needing to find childcare as babies up to rolling age are welcome to watch their awesome mummy’s in class too!

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