Kettlebell Blast


All the exercises in this class will feature the Kettlebell. Working you from top to bottom you can be assured of an amazing workout



This functional training class uses kettlebells to work the whole body, which will in turn efficiently burn a huge number of calories, improve strength, endurance and muscle tone. Kettlebell training will work both your muscular and cardiovascular systems.


What are Kettlebells?


kettlebells are cast iron weights that resemble a cannonball with a handle. They’re lifted using a swinging motion to provide a total body workout.


More about the class


Your class instructor will take you through a variety of exercises using just the one piece of equipment. Exercises like the kettlebell swing, the snatch and the goblet squat.


Some movements will have you changing the weight from hand to hand as the weight swings up or as you move laterally, requiring you to stabilize the body and engage the core.

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