If you had told me when I was at school that I would grow up to be a fitness instructor I would have laughed at you. I wasn’t an active child and for me PE was a nightmare. Musical Theatre was my life (if you do my classes you’ll know I’m alway singing) and it wasn’t until I left school and started studying Performing Arts at college that I decided I needed to be able to keep up in the group dances – so I joined the gym.


I loved spin, I became a “regular” doing 4/5 classes a week and loving every second of it. I got quite friendly with the instructors who suggested I try lifting, so they showed me how to use the weight machines, barbells, dumbbells and my favourite… the kettlebell.

10(!) years later, I teach spin, LBT, bootcamp, kettlebells and I’m a qualified Nutritional Advisor. I still can’t quite believe it. The gym was such a scary place all those years ago and now it’s my happy place. If you are at all worried about making those first steps into the gym, please don’t be. Nobody walks into the gym on day 1 knowing it all and that’s exactly what we’re here for. Take a deep breath, come on in, and if you’re unsure what to do… just ask.

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