How we handle data here at Fitness Republic

Data Controller : Sarah Pellecchia – Director

  • Where we collect information from is outlined in our privacy policy.
  • All third parties we use for business purposes such as DFC, MINDBODY, Mindbody express app, Mail chimp and Boditrax all have their own privacy policies and these are compliant with GDPR. We are not responsible for their policies or practises.
  • Any hard copies of information we keep, including delicate and exempt medical information is kept in a locked office that Fitness Republic staff have access to
  • Why, where and how your data is kept is explained in the privacy policy. If you choose not to be a member, we will delete your information after 12 months or immediately if requested by yourself.
  • Upon the end 12 month period, any hard copies will be sensitively destroyed and your information will be deleted from our computer systems.
  • Sensitive information such as our Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaires (PARQ), accident forms and other medical information is excerpt from GDPR and information is kept for 3 years.