1. Our staff are tested twice per week for Covid.
  2. We allow no more than 30 people into the gym at once
  3. We encourage social distancing at each of our Fitness Classes
  4. All members are required to clean equipment after use
  • Is It Safe To Go To The Gym In 2022? Your risk of catching Covid in any environment will depend on a range of factors, such as how well ventilated the space is, how many people are in that space with you, how good everyone is at sticking to gym cleaning and social distancing rules, how long you spend at the gym, and how many Covid cases there are in Ashby De La Zouch as a whole.
  • Is It Safe To Go To The Gym After Covid Vaccine? Whether you have been vaccinated also plays a central role, If you’re fully vaccinated then your chances of catching Covid – and falling very ill – are thankfully, very low. Here at Fitness Republic we have strict rules in place with regards to cleaning equipment and social distancing.
    We made a quick video explaining what we are doing to protect you and our staff during your visit to Fitness Republic for the first time.
  • What If I Feel Unwell? First and most importantly, if you feel unwell or have any symptoms such as a high temperature, or a new cough or If you have been with someone who has any of these symptoms please take a lateral flow test before entering the facility. Remember, it’s a tough time for gyms, and we desperately want to stay open and get you back fit and exercising, but we can easily be shut down again if there are outbreaks.
  • Gym Etiquette Is All About How You Behave In The Gym Environment.
    1. At the top of our list is RESPECT With so many people entering the facility to try to improve themselves, remember that we’re all in this together! So, with the social distancing aspect please use common sense, and respect others. Give way, when passing if needed, maybe move a little further away if you sense that others are a little more worried. Please don’t frown upon anyone who feels this way as you never know their circumstances, perhaps they have family members that are shielding.
    2. When entering the facility please think about PERSONAL HYGIENE, particularly washing your hands, this is paramount. At my facility, you will be required to anti-bac your hands upon immediate entry, followed by the complete washing of your hands with soap moments later. A wash facility will be provided in the actual gym area, to help make this really easy for you to do at regular intervals.
    3. REPLACE YOUR EQUIPMENT—As COVID-19 can be transferred by touching, please think about others. Once you’ve used your piece of equipment, please clean, then replace it, this will stop other members, and the team, from having to touch equipment more than necessary. Seems simple but is an extremely important point. If you use it, put it back!
    4. THINK ABOUT OUR TEAM—These times are new to us all, and we’re all trying to find our way and do the best we can. Our team are there to help and whilst we may not always get it right, we are all trying our very best to provide you with the safest environment for you to train in. We want to give you the confidence to come back to us!
  • How Do I Get Back My Fitness After Lockdown? Coronavirus and lockdown have made people more aware of their health and fitness and appears to have got the UK exercising more. That in itself, is great news. There is a lot of talk about how staying healthy and keeping your weight under control are massive factors in helping to beat this virus, so the quicker we can get back to help you with this the better in my opinion. According to the Ta6 National Fitness Survey published in May 2020, 56% of people want to go back to using gyms after lockdown and a massive 35% of people that had not previously got a gym membership would consider joining one post lockdown. Below I’ve listed a few more points from an exercise point of view, about how to get yourself back into your own gym programme. With regard to each of your visits to our website we may automatically collect information including the following:
    1. Be patient—Don’t expect to be at the same level as you were before. During lockdown you may have let your fitness slip, which means you would have lost some of your abilities. However, you will be able to regain all of your strength back – but just be patient. Work with the strength you have now and stay consistent so that you can quickly return to normal. Pushing yourself will only lead to injuries which can set you back, so take your time.
    2. Be kind to yourself—Whether you’ve trained at home or not, you’re likely to have regressed on some exercises, so start lighter than normal and slowly increase over time and don’t beat yourself up about it.
    3. Will I have lost all my hard work? – Any loss in strength or muscle will return in 4-6 weeks of a regular training routine, so take your time and don’t worry.
    4. How do I start again? – Set yourself some new goals and start from scratch! This will help to prepare you better than comparing to what you used to do.
    5. How can we help? – Ask us! Obviously new measures will be in place for social distancing within the gym, but we will still be happy to help with new programmes or if you need that extra push then why not invest in you and book some personal training sessions to get you back on track!
    6. Stay positive – Stay positive and have fun. Getting and keeping fit should be something you enjoy.