• 2022 Time for a new beginning
    2022 is here already, and for many, new fitness goals for the year will be top of the list. In fact, over 40% ofUK adults will vow to ‘exercise more’, with many saying they want to lose weight and totake a more proactive approach to health. But while resolutions are a great way to focus…
  • The 9 Body Transformation Rules you should abide by in 2022
    When you’re looking to transform your body, there are a few things to consider. Firstly, if you’re considering a transformation then you would probably be feeling really out of shape, unfit and generally feeling unhealthy! Let’s be honest, to get to this point it will have taken many months, or even years. So, let’s not…
  • What’s the best way to lose fat? It’s not what you think.
    In my many years of being a fitness professional, that is the most asked question. Fat seems to be the most important part of people fitness journey, or should I say how to get rid of it!Well, let me tell you, there are no magic pills, there are no special exercises, and there is not…
  • 7 Common Diet Myths to be aware of in 2022
    Simon dispels seven common diet and exercise myths we hear so much of. Number six may surprise you.
  • Don’t just join a gym in January 2022
    Despite the gym being a central focus to help improve your fitness and mental wellbeing there are other factors to consider that play a key role in how successful you are in your new fitness journey.
  • Blanka’s top tips to stay safe when running this winter
    If you like to run outside during the winter months as well using the treadmill, cross trainer or Stairmaster then this article is for you! Here Blanka gives us her top tips for running outside in winter