I was 17 when I first became interested in health and fitness, I started with some hand me down weights at home, that consisted of an old weight bench, barbell and some dumbbells. This was the foundation of what would be a lifelong love of working out and a study of exercise and nutrition.


I have learnt over the years that getting in shape (i was an overweight child) and keeping healthy and strong is as much to do with the mind as it does, exercising and eating well.


I chose to study for my qualifications to work in a gym before I even knew that I would make it a career and I still study and read up on the latest research almost every day, I believe constant  learning makes me a better trainer and there is always something new you can learn and experiment with to get better results.


What i do


  • I specialize in weight loss with both female and male clients.
  • 1 on 1 personal training.
  • Small group training (2/3 people).
  • 1 on 1 boxing/kickboxing.
  • Boxfit class.
  • Nutritional Advice and plans.
  • Educational Personal Training sessions (teach you how to workout)


NOTE: Services above are charged at an additional cost set by the club.


Please come and see me if you need any help or advice. Why not book a new programme or a personal training session with me? I like to help everyone achieve their goals whatever they may be!

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