A Mission To Create A New Kind Of Gym

How We Started

A Mission To Create A New Kind Of Gym

We opened Fitness Republic in May 2010. Why? Well, we wanted to a facility that fostered the most comfortable, fun, friendly and social environment to train physically and relax mentally. We wanted a gym that felt more like a community than a place to simply ‘work out’ where you came in, lifted some weights then walked away.

Creating a facility that encompassed all of our passions about keeping fit & healthy was always going to be a tough nut to crack. With so many facilities out there, we wanted to be different. We wanted to bring you the most comfortable, family friendly facility that wasn’t only just about training, but about lifestyle, wellbeing, friends and the social side of working out. At Fitness Republic, we are passionate about helping everyone reach their goals. Our team are a dedicated bunch of fitness and wellbeing professionals, here to guide and support you on your unique fitness journey.

All Work, All Play

From Heavy Lifters To Ballroom Dancers, Our Team Is As Diverse As It Is Passionate.

Our expert team have a wealth of fitness, nutrition and wellbeing knowledge. we care and support everyone who walks through our door. We’re passionate about helping people meet their fitness and health goals. Our team of experts are both highly experienced and highly passionate about the support we give you throughout your fitness journey.

No matter what level you are starting from. An absolute beginner who’s never entered a gym before, or someone who has not attended the gym for a long while, all the way to a very experienced, and a dedicated gym user – we can help. We can design you a plan for your specific needs. Losing weight, getting fitter, muscle building or just to keep moving, we have the equipment and the know-how. All of our programs are included, and our ongoing support is something we are very proud of. We have taken love and care to provide an environment that will make it so much more fun to exercise, with lots and lots of natural light, a small outside area for outdoor training and a small intimate class studio for our ever-expanding class timetable. Very clean and with Covid safe procedures firmly in place, we can’t wait to meet you.

Covid Safety Policy

Please see our Covid Safety Policy here

Ben Pellecchia

Ben Pellecchia

Before I was a Fitness Instructor I’ve spent many years experiencing different life paths, I’ve been a Supermarket Manager, Window cleaner, Warehouse worker, Website designer, Sound Engineer and Business Owner

Connor Chamberlain fitness trainer at fitness republic ashby de la zouch

Connor Chamberlain

What did you do before working at Fitness Republic? Before working at FR I was at Loughborough college training to become a PT, I also worked at FR for work experience, and had various part time jobs alongside this. Why did you become a personal trainer? I became a PT because I had a passion…

jaqui foster fitness republic ashby team member

Jacqui Foster

What did you do before working at Fitness Republic?I worked in a wedding dress shop, helping brides choose their dress for their big day. I also still work at my family’s DIY shop. Why did you become a personal trainer?Love of fitness! I really enjoy helping people smash their goals. What aspect of your work…

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Gym safety, your membership and everything in between

An induction is an introduction to the gym, compulsory for those under the age of 18yrs. Above this age it is highly recommended but not compulsory. This can be booked at our reception or via email info@fitnessrepublic.co.uk or by giving us a call 01530 413330. During the induction, we will show you around the facilities, explain how the equipment works, and answer any questions you may have.

You must be at least 14 years old to join. For those under the age of 18 we require written concent from your guardian.

All of our monthly direct debit memberships have a minimum commitment term of 12 weeks (3 Months). As the way to great results is consistency, we feel that 12 weeks will be a perfect amount of time for you to get into the habit and start to achieve them. It gives you some accountability, which is another great part of achieving success.

We’re sorry to hear that you want to leave – but did you know you can freeze or transfer your membership instead? Free freeze – you can currently freeze for free for up to three months. The freeze will apply from your next payment date. If you need to freeze for longer, please see a member of the fitness team. If you would like to cancel please email us at info@fitnessrepublic.co.uk . Please do not cancel any direct debits in place as you may incur costs from your bank. We will respond to your email within 2 working days. Please note that cancellation is not permitted within your contract minimum period and all cancellations after this require 30 days notice.

Of course! however, we ask that you don’t use it while you are on any of the machines. We would also ask that you seek persmission of anyone in the photo’s / videos that you take in the gym before sharing them online.

Absolutely! We offer a custom fitness program design to all our members as part of our service. It is FREE to all members. We advise you to book in for a change of workout plan every 6-8 weeks.

Yes, the changing facilities are open, however now, due to COVID-19 restrictions we encourage you to attend ready for exercise

Yes, we have lockers situated in the main gym and in the female changing area. There is no charge and all they require a 4-digit code of your choice. Ask a member of staff if you need assistance.

Yes, you must sign in as you arrive at reception and sign out when you leave. This helps us to keep everyone updated on the app with how busy we are and also for our COVID -19 track and trace process.

From our opening at 5.30AM until 9AM you can park outside the club on Market Street, with no fees or penalties. From 9.00AM to 5.30PM you are limited to 1 hour. There are many car parks within a short walk to the gym at a small cost. We have a car park plan available at reception.

We open at 5.30AM – 9PM from Monday to Friday, Saturday 8AM-6PM and Sunday 8AM-4PM.

You can book your classes in 4 ways. Via our app, on this website, at reception or by calling us on 01530 413330.

No problem, our welcome and program appointments are the perfect way to get familiar with the gym and the equipment and to get advice from one of our expert team. Many of our members are first time gym users, so you won’t be on your own.

Within Fitness Republic we have our very own Physiotherapist, Craig. With over 20 years experience Craig has helped many of our members. Appointments can be booked either at reception or by visiting the Physio Republic Website.