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8 Week change plan

Want to learn the habits and skills to change your body and your confidence in the next 8 weeks. How would you feel if you dropped some inches or a dress size? If you had more energy to keep up with your kids? Better sleep or digestion. The change plan will help you increase your fitness, health, mental health and over all just feel better.

With the 8 week change plan you get the same support, individual workout programming and nutritional guidance as the 12 week transformation plan, but over a shorter time frame that is more manageable for a lot of people who have never tried a focused, goal oriented plan before.  

Long-lasting results come from making changes to the way you live. After all, if you do what you’ve always done, nothing is going to change.

This means adopting better nutrition and exercise habits, plus looking at lifestyle factors such as sleep quality and stress management.

We aren’t your regular PT service. We are here to pass on our knowledge and experience and set you up for life.

The coaching you receive around your nutrition and lifestyle is just as critical to your success as great training sessions.

We are committed to getting you results and we need you to commit to the changes needed to get you there.

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Get Fit, Get Strong, Get Healthy

Tailored Workout Plans

A training plan designed for you and your goals, built around your abilities, experience and lifestyle. Easy to follow, concise training that will see you progressing every week. Learn exactly what to lift, when to lift and how much to lift every session. We expect you to train a minimum of 3 times a week with a minimum of 1 session a week with one of our coaches.

Nutrition, Calculated and Optimised

What you eat will make or break your progress in the gym. We will calculate and optimise the right nutrition plan to suit you, with you. We will educate you on how to eat for results. As you change over the 8 weeks your nutrition plan will have to change along with you, we will monitor and adapt as we progress.

Support & Accpintability

Accountability and support during this life changing transformation is vital, there will be times when you find it hard and times when you feel tired and might want to skip a session, but there will also be times when you feel energised and stronger than ever. Its our job to keep you going through the tough times and celebrate the times you feel great. you will have the full support of the whole team and get weekly check ins, along with being able to contact us at any time during your plan.


Step 1

You get in touch and we meet at the club to discuss your goals. Prior to your visit we will send you a questionnaire that can be either filled out online or printed and returned to us. 

Step 2

We’ll strategize a plan to help you move forwards. We will get you in the club for a free session, during this session we will assess your abilities and introduce you to how you will be training should you wish to go ahead with the plan. This session will give you a chance to see how we work and if we are a good fit.

Step 3

Transform your lifestyle and feel incredible. Sign up and get started on changing your body and your life. By this stage you will know what is expected of you and be fully prepared to hit the ground running. The next 8 weeks will give you the confidence and the body to achieve anything you put your mind to.

It all starts with a decision.

The choice is yours, how bad do you want it?

Prices start from £299


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The Friendly and Supportive Environment

We enjoy working with down-to-earth individuals void of the ego gym stereotype

Support & Accountability To Your Goals

We’ll track your progress week by week, month by month by month and write new training, lifestyle, and nutrition programs to keep you moving forwards

Our Knowledge

We know our stuff, all our trainers are educated to the highest standards beyond government recommendations. We are continually learning and developing our skills with additional training courses.

The Incredible Facility

We set up a result-based facility that has everything a Personal Trainer needs to ensure clients get great results – and we’re not over crowded

Feel Amazing

We focus on helping you feel and function amazingly because we know a great physique comes along the way on a journey of health

We’re the Best Investment You’ll Ever Make

FACT: You won’t look back on your life and wish you worked more – but nearly everyone wishes they took better care of their health Fitness Republic will help you reach your potential.

The Workouts

1 Personal training session a week, with option to add more.

Minimum commitment of 3 workouts a week. Ideally we would like you to do 3 – 5 workouts a week in order to maximise your results in the 8 weeks.

We will build your workout plan around your goals. lifestyle and abilities from the information we get from your questionnaire, initial consultation and assessment. Don’t worry about this process it doesn’t take very long and isn’t invasive. By simply taking you through a workout, we will be able to determine your starting point and be able to design a plan to get you from where you are now to where you want to be. You will have your workout plan to follow on the days your not with your personal training coach and will always be able to contact your personal coach should you have any questions. You will be shown how to perform each exercise, reps, sets and timing in order to get the most out of your sessions.

As you progress your workout plan will progress with you and will be adjusted by your coach along the way.


What you eat will be what is fuelling your workouts and its vital that we get your nutrition right to see results from your workout sessions.

You will have your nutrition calculated and optimised to suit your goals, this will include calculating your total calorie intake and macro-nutrient requirements. There will be some weighing and measuring to begin with but this will soon become second nature to you.  You will be asked to track your daily intake so that your coach can use this information to make any necessary adjustments. This will be a simple process that will soon become a habit. By tracking your food you will understand the nutritional value of the food you eat and over time will know whats in what without even having to check the packets.

The nutrition plan you will follow is what we call a flexible diet plan, you will be able to fit most food you like into it, eliminating cravings, making this a sustainable plan that you wont feel is a diet. 

Its not a diet it’s a lifestyle change.

Support and accountability

You will get the support of not only your own coach but also the whole of the coaching team. every week the entire team will sit down and discuss your progress, keep track of  whats working or not for you and using our combined experience make any necessary changes to your plan or nutrition. You will have a weekly check in with the coaches, this is an ideal time to raise any questions or concerns you may have.

We want you to get results and we are committed to helping you achieve them.

You will support from your coach 7 days a week.

What they say about us

A very warm and welcoming Gym. The best in Ashby. Well looked after gym and kept extremely clean and up to date. Would recommend without hesitation.

Joe Watts

Brilliant gym with everything you need to work out. Fantastic staff that are always friendly and there to help if needed. 👌

Greg Topliss

Great gym with extremely friendly staff. Wide range of equipment and weights, been coming for about a year and had no problems whatsoever. Would recommend to anyone at any level of training.

Matthew O'Regan


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