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The challenge starts 12th October 2020

Full access to the app based online weight loss plan, for 8 weeks, includes access to your dedicated coach, workouts, nutrition guidance, tracking, alterations, recipe books and our awesome community.

8 week structured workout programme, split into 2 phases, each phase lasts 4 weeks and is designed to progressively challenge and push you towards a stronger, leaner and overall better version of yourself.

New challenge every week, in addition to your scheduled workouts we will set you a weekly challenge to complete, each challenge will be sent to you at the beginning of the week and you will have 7 days to complete.


Nutritional guide – We will  calculate your calorie and macronutrient goal and you will get access to our  nutrition guide to help you towards reaching this goal, you coach will be able to track your nutrition through our training app. Your coach will also be able to make any additional changes to your plan when necessary. 

Meal plan – Access to a  meal plan examples, including a vegan meal plan that you can adjust to suit your calorie, macronutrient and tastes. These are a great starting point and as you progress you will gain the knowledge of how to develop your own way of eating that suits you and allows you to continually make progress.

Recipe books – Along with your nutrition guide and meal plan you will also receive additional recipe books you can use to create your own weekly meal plan from.

Dedicated coaching team – You will have access to our coaching team, where you can ask questions and get additional advice. We will also make any additional adjustments to your workouts or nutrition and they will be able to track your progress through the weekly check in days.

Exercise videos – You will have access to our instructional video library, so you can see exactly how to perform each exercise the correct way, maximising your results and minimising the chance of injury.

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8 Weeks Challenge plan Access, that's only £10 per week. Plan starts on 12th of october.

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