Times have changed for us ladies in the gym

If you walk into most gyms these days you will notice that the landscape has changed… for the better. Gone are the days when they are full of muscly men, grunting away, with their tops off and bulging biceps. Nowadays, you will see just as many women amongst the free weights and resistance machines as men – giving them stronger bodies and a great shape.

Us ladies, are also realising that for the average woman who trains a few days a week in the gym, they can’t ‘bulk up’ – this used to be the main reason women tended to avoid strength training.
Also, as a society, we always focus on the physical benefits of exercise, but most of the time it is actually the mental improvements that can have the biggest impact on your life. When you feel capable to try new things and live a healthy life the way you want, it is far easier if your body is strong, especially as you get older.

Many women are worried about coming into the gym, especially into the weight area, but there are so many benefits. One of the best things that lifting weights can do, is to help you feel strong and more confident.

Increasing your muscle means you will burn more calories, even at rest. Lifting weights improves bone health and posture too. Standing both taller and slimmer.

If you have toyed with the idea of entering a gym but are not yet convinced of the benefits, then think about coming to join us here at Fitness Republic. We are a comfortable, friendly, family-run facility and Jacqui and I run a plan called ‘Be Confident’. These are normally 8 weeks long, however, we have been asked about doing a shortened version of it and …here it is! A 4 week Be Confident express plan. This is perfect for complete beginners, those of you that haven’t been in a gym for a while, and also, those that just want to try and feel more confident with weights.

Any questions about the plan, weight training or just the gym in general, get in touch with me at sarah@fitnessrepublic.co.uk.

Look forward to seeing you soon!


Be Confident at Fitness Republic Ashby de la Zouch

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