True or False? The Truth About Your Fitness And Working Out

This month I’m answering some of the most frequently asked questions in fitness, dispelling a few myths along the way!

  1. If I’m not sweating, I’m not working hard enough?
    False. Sweating is not always an indicator of hard work, but merely the body’s way of cooling itself down. Think of a hot day, you may end up sweating a lot by doing nothing much.

2. Lots of sit ups / crunches will get me a six-pack.
False. We all have a six pack as such…it’s just that in most of us it’s covered by a layer of body fat so we can’t see it. Reduce your body fat and reveal those abs!

3. The longer the workout, the better.
False. You should be able to get your workout done in under an hour, if it lasts too long you are not working efficiently enough and you could be more susceptible to injuries.

4. I don’t ache after my workout but I am still working hard enough.
True. So, in the beginning you may feel a little soreness due to using inactive muscles, but as you progress you need to structure your session so you can train each body part 2-3 times per week. If you’re constantly sore you won’t be able to achieve this and it will hinder your progress.

5. You don’t have to be thin to be healthy.
True. Yes, if you’re very overweight then that’s not healthy, but if you are carrying a little extra body fat but are fit, have great sleep and nutritional habits along with low stress levels then you can be much healthier that a thinner person who doesn’t have the same habits.

6. Exercising on an empty stomach will help me burn more fat.
False. Losing fat (as mentioned in last month’s article) requires you to be in a calorie deficit, and this is the key to fat loss. Just because you skip breakfast doesn’t always mean you’ll end up eating less calories in that day. You may be more inclined to eat more after exercising or even later in the evening.

7. To get good toned legs you have to squat.
False. Yes sure, squatting is a fantastic exercise, but there are a many other ones you can do to build muscle in the legs and butt! ‘If you don’t like it, don’t do it’ is always my motto…just do what you enjoy.

8. You can get fitter as you get older.
rue. Definitely some of the effects of ageing are hard to avoid, but you can always improve on your fitness and overall health. You may have to train a little smarter but by progressing your workouts and eating and sleeping better you will definitely see and feel the difference.

9. You should always warm up before exercising.
True. The warm-up is probably one of the most important parts of your session. Not only does it prepare you mentally for your workout, but it prepares your body for the vigorous exercise you’re about to do. It will help to prevent injuries and help you perform better. A five minute warm up should increase your body temperature, mobilising, will oil your joints and a couple of light weight sets will get the blood pumping to where it’s needed.

10. Fitness and health are the same.
False. Here’s how I see it. Fitness is training the body to perform better. To lift more weight, to run further, faster, to increase the body’s ability in different physical areas. Health on the other hand encompasses this but also other such factors such as sleep, nutrition, stress, as well as mental and emotional conditioning. I see this as the balance part. Hence our logo here at FR – ‘Fitness, Strength and Balance for Life’!

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