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Don’t just join a gym in January 2022

Wow, did I really just say that?

No, you’re not mistaken the headlines right! Ok, let me explain. In the fitness world there is an abundance of marketing, whether it be online, email or social media sales patters! Join this January and save, get January free, new year new you, no joining fee this month only, and the list goes on and on. And there’s nothing wrong with a little sales encouragement!

Let me say first and foremost that everybody says that it’s a cliché, but January really is an absolutely fantastic time to make the decision to change your life and get in shape! Set new goals and new targets, in life as well as in your health. So, let’s look at your health. There are so many factors that will influence how you look and feel and how fit you become. Four of the most Important factors are: The Gym Neat exercise (non-exercise activity thermogenesis) Your Diet Your Sleep Your diet will ultimately be the overriding factor on how you want to look. Your sleep will hugely affect how you feel and how your body recovers. So, we’re left with the gym and our neat exercise. Let’s say Formal exercise (gym) will take around 1 hour 3 times per week. So that’s 3 hours out about 100 hours in the week. So, you can see how important our neat exercise is. So, we can walk the dog longer, take more stairs, park the car further away, ride our bike more.

So, finally back to my headline, don’t just go join a gym! What I mean is you need to join the right gym!!If we have our 3 or so hours per week, we want to really make sure we use that time wisely. That means the right programs, the right techniques, the best advice, the most help, the best atmosphere, the place you feel the most comfortable. It’s not about the best flashy equipment or latest fads, because without the right advice and support it renders it all useless! At Fitness Republic this is what we pride ourselves on. Our support and help are where we really excel, our incredible friendly and fun club makes working out here addictive! Even if you maybe suffer from conditions such as anxiety or depression, we can definitely help you improve your mental health too! So, there’s more to joining a gym that just picking the best offer, dig a little deeper and see what you find. Our offer in our advert here reiterates our commitment to you with our offer being more about helping you get it right from the outset!

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