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Setting Realistic goals

I wanted to talk about goal setting and realistic expectations. Every year so many people sign up to gyms or decide to conquer some new fitness craze and whilst the enthusiasm is there then it’s great, but it’s when the results aren’t coming that people start to lose motivation and give up.

Where do you start

Start by making small changes. Small health or fitness targets are always more likely to be kept than a whole lifestyle change straight away. So, if you are relatively sedentary and want to become more active, start with just 1-2 gym sessions a week or even just a couple of brisk walks. Just set a small goal and stick to it.

How to set goals – Set ‘smart’targets, these are;

Specific – Note down a specific goal, something more than ‘get fitter’. Such as, to be able to run a certain distance, complete ‘x’ amount of push ups or even just to be able to touch your toes!

Measurable – Can your progress be measured? Maybe by a time or a distance? Make sure you can measure your progress otherwise you may not see it and feel like giving up.

(Our Boditrax system is free to members and ideal for tracking your progress.)


Attainable – Is your new goal achievable? If you haven’t run since your school sports day, then trying to run a marathon in 2 months will be hard to achieve. Set yourself a small goal, like walking 3x this week so it’s attainable. Once achieved, it improves confidence, self-belief and makes you feel good, then you can look to setting more goals.

Relevant – Is the new goal relevant to what you’re trying to achieve? Does it interest you? Do you have a long term target such a holiday, wedding or other special occasion that your goal is relevant to?

Timed – Set a time frame to complete each of your goals. Such as, “I am going to run 1km in 10 minutes by March”.

By following these principles, you can set your goals and make healthier life decisions today.

Do I need to join a gym?

Personally, I couldn’t live without going to the gym every week as it’s my passion and my profession, however I understand this isn’t the case for some people. Some people are nervous of gyms or feel they don’t have the time to attend.

If your  goal is to start healthier eating or to be more active, then maybe you don’t necessarily need to join a gym. Reasons to join should be personal, don’t join just because your friend did, or because it’s January and you think you need to. If, however, you have a specific goal that you need some equipment for or some help from a fitness professional then a gym or fitness classes may be right for you. Perhaps it motivates you knowing you’re paying for something so you need to use it but whatever your reason or goal, here at Fitness Republic we thrive on having a friendly comfortable atmosphere and helping people like you.

How can we help you

Here at Fitness Republic our aim is to help you achieve your goals regardless of your age or fitness level. We have a great team of friendly professionals that would love to help you and gym programmes are part of the service here at FR so we can create a workout plan suitable to your fitness and help you achieve your goals . So, pop in and see us even if you’re nervous, new to exercise or have had unpleasant experiences with other gyms in the past you can try us out FREE for 7 days first.

See you soon

Marcus White

Head Coach at Fitness Republic