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From one dad to another……The Dad Bod!

You may have come across the term ‘Dad Bod’ in many fitness articles, particularly on social media, but what does it really mean?

Well, this has been a real talking point lately with many famous people in the spotlight.

Essentially, the dad bod is a kind of physique that you may have if you attended the gym occasionally, amongst drinking heavily at the weekend, with a few slices of pizza thrown in for good measure! So not massively overweight, but no washboard abs to speak of either. So, a bit of muscle with a bit of a beer belly!

Is your Dad Bod really that bad?

Well, the Dad Bod can have some serious health issues. With being overweight you can increase the risk of some cancers, abdominal fat can be a big contributor to heart disease, diabetes and depression to name but another few.

So, what to do about it!

Now speaking as a father, working out like an athlete is going to be real hard, with endless ‘daddy’, school pick-ups, dinner time demands and being a general taxi service to the kids!

So, let’s get realistic. First point to tackle is the weekends, trying to nail down better eating and drinking habits. I’m not saying to cut everything out but cutting down would be a great start. Pre-planning what to eat at the weekends is going to be a massive help, especially if takeaways are a usual occurrence! You can easily make your own Pizza, Chinese or Indian, with healthy ingredients, maybe get the kids involved too, I know mine love to create their own Pizza!

So, to the body. The upper body is the focus here, and primarily the shoulders and moobs (man boobs!) Building the shoulders and shaping the chest is going to add massively to your physique.

For Chest I recommend, Bench Press, Incline Dumbell Fly, Decline Dumbell Press and Press-ups.

For Shoulders I recommend, Barbell Press, Lateral Raises & Front raises.

You can perform these exercises either at the gym, which is recommended or even at home.

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